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The Case for Supreme Court Term Limits Just Got a Lot Better

Jamelle Bouie New York Times
What if lifetime tenure, rather than raising the barriers to corruption, makes it easier to influence the court by giving interested parties the time and space to operate in an era when wealth has an almost unbreakable grip on our politics?

This Is the Election You Get for 9 Billion Bucks

Thom Hartmann The Hartmann Report
Simply put, the elections are “tightening” because rightwing billionaires and giant corporations are pouring billions of dollars into advertising. And advertising works.

AIPAC Has Taken Over the Democratic Primary Process

Alexander Sammon The American Prospect
What will it take for Democratic leadership to cry foul? It’s ultimately toxic for the party leadership to tacitly welcome a group currently endorsing a Republican who compared Democrats to Nazis.

Elon Musk and the Oligarchs of the ‘Second Gilded Age’

Nolan Higdon The Conversation
Musk’s desire in buying Twitter goes beyond a desire to shape public discourse. Today’s equivalent of the Gilded Age oligarchs, who are gobbling up increasing chunks of the media landscape, also have access to a trove of personal data of users.

Politics: The Democrats’ Progress

Sarah Miller and Faiz Shakir Democracy Journal
Democrats appear to have shed the neoliberal policy framework and have begun to embrace populist policies. But Democrats’ approach to politics has yet to adjust to its evolving embrace of populist policies.
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