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Mother’s Day in an ICE Detention Center

Sharon Lerner The Intercept
Obama’s family detention camps were strongly condemned for their inhumane conditions, but Trump has arguably made the situation even worse.

Mother's Day for Peace

Gloria Steinem, Vanessa Williams, Felicity Huffman, Fatma Saleh, Alfre Woodard, Ashraf Salimian, Christine Lahti and Mother's Day for Peace talk about the origin of Mother's Day by Julia Ward Howe as a protest against war.

8 Activists Share Political Wisdom They Got From Their Moms

Julianne Hing Colorlines
As the truism goes, the personal is political. For many activists and organizers, the political began with their moms. For a special Mother’s Day tribute, Colorlines asked eight racial justice activists and organizers about life wisdom and political lessons their moms imparted to them. Whether it was the example they set for their children in the way they moved through the world, or concrete political values they handed down, these moms have been a guiding force for thei
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