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Friday Nite Videos | July 19, 2024

The GOP Wants Us To Forget. Delta's Illegal Union-Busting Habit. The Project 2025 Song. We Need to Rethink Exercise – The Workout Paradox. How Cults Use Language to Control | Otherwords.


The Project 2025 Song

After hearing Kevin Roberts of the right-wing Heritage Foundation talk about their Project 2025 plans for America, Mangy Fetlocks feared they might have a public relations problem

Friday Nite Videos | July 12, 2024

Top Dems Pull Away From Biden. I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane (Parody). The Billionaire Family Suffocating Rural America. Clarence Thomas Tries To Protect Himself. “I’m Bored, So I Shoot”: Israeli Troops Authorized to Shoot at Will.

Friday Nite Videos | June 28, 2024

Trump's Blatant Lies and Biden's Senior Moments. Biden's Fighting Statement After Debate. What a Wonderful Prez I Will Be – Again | Song Parody. “We need to talk about AIPAC” | Mehdi Hasan. How Tyson Captured All The Pork You Eat (And Made Billions).

Friday Nite Videos | June 21, 2024

Jordan Klepper at First Post-Conviction Rally. Jesus Christ | Woody Guthrie. William Barber | “White Poverty” & Poor People’s Campaign March. A Time for Choosing. Cult Massacre: One Day in Jonestown | Hulu.

Friday Nite Videos | June 14, 2024

Deep-Sea Mining | John Oliver. They Might Incarcerate Me: The Ballad of Donald Trump. Hitler and the Nazis | Documentary. Dear Mamma: a Transgender Journey in Letters. Why Do So Many Americans Support a Neofascist?
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