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Nan Rubin

Nan Rubin has been a community media activist for more than 40 years.  Committed to expanding community-based media, she built 2 community radio stations – WAIF in Cincinnati and KUVO in Denver –and was a founding member of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters and Montreal-based AMARC, The World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters. 

Nan serves informally as technology and policy adviser to a wide range of grassroots media groups, and she has a particular focus on media projects serving ethnic and minority communities with special expertise on Native American media.

She was instrumental in helping create both the contemporary media reform movement and the movement for media justice, and in 2010 she testified at the FCC on the Future of Public Media as the only representative of the community media movement nationwide.

Nan is currently working with an enthusiast group building Las Cruces Community Radio on 101.5  LPFM which is hoping to be on the air by the end of the year.