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Before You Try to Decolonize Your Diet, Read This

Chelsey Luger Yes Magazine
The intensification of corn impacted indigenous health, for better and for worse. Increased corn consumption often meant fewer micronutrients as corn replaced other foods in their diet. Decolonizing the Diet: Nutrition, Immunity, and the Warning From Early America explores how the forces of nutrition, immunity, environmental change, disease, settler colonialism, and other factors have influenced the health of Native Americans.



Amelia Levin FSR Magazine
Native American chefs and food producers are taking the U.S. dining scene back to its true roots. Native American cuisine focuses on the “pre-contact” or “pre-colonization” foods that naturally existed in this country before Spanish and other immigrants introduced new crops and other goods, which in some areas changed the agricultural landscapes and natural ecosystems dramatically.


Native American Culinary Traditions Come Full Circle

Liz Grossman PlateOnLine
There is growing interest in the food world for pre-reservation Native American traditions and reviving the culinary landscapes of Native American microregions around the country.
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