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Damn Hard Work: The Life of Clyde Bellecourt (1936–2022)

Nick Estes American Indian Movement Interpretive Center
Bellecourt and the American Indian Movement taught us that colonizing society is weak because of its sense of superiority. It has God, guns, and gold, but its soft underbelly is glory. 

Origin Stories

Jacqueline Keeler Counter Punch
people protesting with raised fists and signs reading "defend the sacred" Does the United States have a homeland? Is it truly a nation? Or is it still just a colony that exists to exploit the homelands of other peoples?

Friday Nite Videos | December 10, 2021

Jordan Klepper vs. Anti-Vaxxers in SoCal. World Inequality Report 2022. Paper & Glue | Documentary. NDN Kars | Keith Secola. Snack Video Games | John Oliver.

NDN Kars | Keith Secola

Legendary singer/songwriter and award-winning musician Keith Secola performs “NDN Kars,” frequently considered a Native American anthem about awareness and empowerment of Indigenous people.

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