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It’s Going To Be a Long Winter for Immigrants in Tents

Luis Feliz Leon Curbed
Recent immigrants are housed in tents at Floyd Bennett Field in New York City. “The tents are not safe for children in any weather, and families should never have been placed at this site,” said a staff attorney at the Legal Aid Society.

NYC Is Totally Unprepared for Climate Disaster

Kate Aronoff The New Republic
If hordes of cops are going to keep polluting New York’s increasingly flood-prone subways, the least they could do is grab a bucket and be helpful.

What Eric Adams Is Getting Wrong About the Migrant Crisis

Errol Louis New York Magazine
No sensible New Yorker should believe for a moment that a stream of migrants — despite the daunting financial and logistical issues involved in giving them food and shelter, as required by law — can literally destroy our city.

“This Ain’t No Disco,” Broadway Tells David Byrne

Chris Lehmann The Nation
The former Talking Heads front man is battling Broadway musicians, the concept of musical theatrical productions on Broadway, and the local musicians’ union over a production that relies on prerecorded music. No live music, Not a musical.
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