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Tufts Doesn’t Pay its Fair Share in Somerville

Jane Regan Wicked Local Somerville
What about in Somerville? According to a recent email I got from the City’s Assessing Department, “if the University was a taxable entity it would generate residential tax at $596,700 and commercial tax at $6,103,800.”

Why Non-profits Can't Lead the 99%

Warren Mar The Stansbury Forum
Warren Mar has written a provocative piece on the role of Community Based Organizations and Worker Centers in the working class movement. He explores controversial issues of the funding and democratic control of these organizations which have filled a vacuum in organizing particularly among immigrant workers.

Tidbits - April 2, 2015 - Mexican Farmworkers Strike; Death Penalty; Water Privatization; Elizabeth Warren; Cesar Chavez; and more

Reader Comments - Mexican Farmworkers Strike; Innocent Man on Death Row - Prosecutor Apologizes; Stealing Africa's Seeds; Fighting Water Privatization - Ireland and Mexico; Run Elizabeth, Run; Jews Who Speak Out Against Israeli Policies; Cesar Chavez, the UFW - Lessons for Today; Feminist Heroes for Children; Cuba Eradicates Syphilis; Billie Holiday and Ethel Rosenberg; Resources for Passover; To Better Understand Greece and Syriza; Announcements


Some N.O. Charters Begin Exploring Teachers Unions

Andrew Vanacore The New Orleans Advocate
For New Orleans, the debate over charter schools and teachers unions has always been an either-or proposition. The Orleans Parish School Board voided the city’s union contract after Hurricane Katrina, and charter schools began taking over rapidly thereafter. Now, New Orleans is beginning to find out if this hard divide between charters and unions is really necessary, or if the two can somehow learn to coexist.

Big Profits in Not-for-Profit Charter Schools

Alan Singer Huffington Post
Charter schools have a very definite purpose in America today. Profits. BIG PROFITS. Non-profit charter school administrators make some very heady profits. Operating non-profit charter schools can be very profitable for charter school executives like Eva Moskowitz. She earns close to a half a million dollars a year ($485,000) for overseeing school programs that serve 6,700 children, yet is opposed to teacher unions and paying rent to have her schools in public buildings

Media Bits & Bytes – Tech Sector Barrels Along

Tech Companies have been in bed with the Pentagon for a long time; Feds Swap Data with Thousands of Firms; Balloon-powered Internet on the Horizon; Emotional Data Tugs at Internet Heartstrings; Uncertain Funding for Nonprofit News Sites; Who Needs Reporters Anyway?
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