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As Goes Maine?

Robert Kuttner The American Prospect
A hopeful story about the survival of independent local newspapers


The New Face of Union-Busting

Kim Kelly The Baffler
A recent spate of union-busting tussles and general bad boss behavior has thrown a harsh spotlight on the rot at the top of various nonprofits, liberal political organizations, and beloved cultural institutions.

Tufts Doesn’t Pay its Fair Share in Somerville

Jane Regan Wicked Local Somerville
What about in Somerville? According to a recent email I got from the City’s Assessing Department, “if the University was a taxable entity it would generate residential tax at $596,700 and commercial tax at $6,103,800.”

Why Non-profits Can't Lead the 99%

Warren Mar The Stansbury Forum
Warren Mar has written a provocative piece on the role of Community Based Organizations and Worker Centers in the working class movement. He explores controversial issues of the funding and democratic control of these organizations which have filled a vacuum in organizing particularly among immigrant workers.
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