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Learning From Chile: Navigating Complexities of Political Crises

Pauline Lipman, Rico Gutstein Convergence
For the US there is much to learn from the Chilean experience about relationships between left government, movements, and popular protagonism and the importance of political clarity, socialist strategy and organization.


Union and Queer

Jim Grossfeld The American Prospect
The growing solidarity between unions and the LGBTQ+ community is key component of the revitalization of the labor movement.

Looking Back at the Steelworkers Fight Back Campaign – Part 3

Garrett Brown Stansbury Forum
3rd in three-part posting on Steelworkers Fightback reform movement in the 1970s. Brown documents issues and personalities that drove the movement of relevance today in understanding and appreciating reform movements underway today.

Climate Justice on the Ballot in El Paso

Crystal Moran , Eddie Wong , and Mike Siegel Convergence
A proposed El Paso City Charter amendment—put forward by grassroots organizers—would create green economic growth, investments in conservation and infrastructure, and democratic control over special interests.


How Do We Develop Strategies That Help Workers in Struggle Win?

Stewart Acuff Portside
How do we use organizing for collective power and solidarity, to win steps toward new power over our own lives? Labor Power and Strategy is a compelling take on this question, and the dialogue between organizers and educators is the kind of far reaching discussion we need to advance our workers movement.
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