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When Did the Ruling Class Get Woke?

Ishan Desai-Geller The Nation
A conversation with Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò on his new book Elite Capture, which investigates the co-option of identity politics and the importance of coalitional organizing.

What Movements Do to Law

Amna A. Akbar Sameer Ashar Jocelyn Simonson Boston Review
When we think, write, and act alongside movements, we help disrupt the everyday violence of law and imagine more radical transformation.


Our Organizing Must Match the Structure of Our Target

Sam Nelson The Forge
Winning at Amazon — truly breaking its power over workers and working-class communities — would be a bellwether of the strength of our movement. It’s a challenge we must meet if we are to bring about the changes our society desperately needs.

The Future We Need: Economic Democracy

Erica Smiley and Sarita Gupta
Building a more powerful people’s movement for economic democracy will require the spread of a more expansive view of democracy, one that moves past individual rights and into the realm of shared responsibilities.

Bet on Institution Building, Not Manchin

Katey Lauer The Forge
The culture of urgency is a trap because it keeps us from building enough power to win and it keeps us playing defense. It’s also exactly what the corporate news cycle, digital media platforms, and the race of capitalism teach us to do.


Alabama Amazon Workers Are About to Rerun Their Union Election

Alex N. Press Jacobin
A year ago, all eyes were on the unionization election at Amazon’s warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama, where illegal union suppression tactics by Amazon helped sink the drive. Thanks to a court order, that vote is about to be rerun.
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