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The South Pays Dearly for Nuclear Industry's Failed 'Renaissance'

Sue Sturgis Facing South
The estimated cost for the project below doubled and now stands at $27 billion, which Georgia Power customers are already paying for thanks to a state law — since overturned — that allowed utilities to collect payment before a project is completed.

How to Unseat an ICE-collaborating Sheriff

Rebekah Barber Facing South
We actually found out that our jail not only has a 287(g) program but is a mini detention center almost. There are people being held here for immigration purposes, and some of them are going to be deported directly from the jail.


Labour Goes South

Justin Miller The American Prospect (Winter Issue 2016)
Can the movement rebuild itself below the Mason-Dixon line, and change Southern politics in the process?

For Latino Voters, Environment As Important As Immigration

Allie Yee The Institute for Southern Studies
Environmental organizations in the U.S. are staffed nearly entirely by whites with little representation by people of color, contributing to a perception that communities of color are not interested in environmental issues. But a poll released this summer surveying 1,200 Latino voters across the country challenged this notion, finding that there is, in fact, broad concern for the environment among Latino voters.


More Views on the UAW Volkswagen Election

NY Times New York Times
Union members, journalists, academics and others express differing viewpoints on the significance of the United Auto Workers union loss in the representation election at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in this New York Times' "Room for Debate" piece.


United Auto Workers, Volkswagen union talks prompt questions

Chloé Morrison
How would a German-style labor organization work in the United States? For more than a year, leaders with the United Auto Workers Union have been eyeing Chattanooga's Volkswagen plant, and reports this week that the organization has talked with Volkswagen AG executives about a German-style labor board at the local plant have raised a number of questions.
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