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The South, Where Automakers Go for a Discount

Luis Feliz Leon Labor Notes
In America’s Other Automakers: A History of the Foreign-owned Automotive Sector in the United States, Timothy J. Minchin investigates why the companies located where they did and what the decisions meant for workers and their communities.


At MLK Conference, Unionists Strategize on Organizing the South

Mark Gruenberg People's world
Unionists at the AFL-CIO’s annual Martin Luther King conference, held January 12-14 in Montgomery, Ala., tackled what one panelist called a decades-long problem for the labor movement: Organizing the South.


Voices: Southern Workers Are Teaching Each Other How To Organize

Taiwanna Milligan Facing South
Workers with fists raised Raise Up — the Southern branch of Fight for $15 and a Union —held Worker Power Trainings across the South this summer to give workers a chance to learn from each other and get the basic tools to start talking to their coworkers.


Deep South Baristas Strike Starbucks

Kerry Taylor Labor Notes
Starbucks baristas in Columbia, South Carolina, returned to their jobs on Saturday, May 21, following a three-day walkout to protest anti-union retaliation.

In Bessemer and the South, Black Workers Hold the Key

Matthew Cunningham-Cook and Marc D. Bayard The American Prospect
Does the ongoing campaign to unionize the Amazon Bessemer warehouse, where 85 percent of the workers are Black, portend a return to large-scale campaigns in the South?
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