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Interview: Organizing to Learn, Learning to Organize

Chris Brooks Labor Notes
Chris Brooks of Labor Notes interviews Susan Williams, an educator who has worked at the Highlander Center for 28 years about popular education, organizing and movement history. Popular education is "based on the belief that people can do more than they think they can."

What Does Environmental Justice Organizing Look Like in the Time of Trump?

Laurie Mazur Grist
What our communities need so intensely right now are real examples of a vision for a new culture and society, right in their own neighborhoods. They need to be able to touch and feel and experience them and also experience building them as participants in our democracy.

Tidbits - January 12, 2017 - Reader Comments: Protests Should Also be Used for Organizing;Trump Nominees; Leonard Peltier; Hidden Figures; Black Women and Civil Rights; Resources; Announcements; and more...

Reader Comments: Protests Should Also be Used for Organizing; Another Extreme Trump Nominee to Run National Intelligence; Top Prosecutor in Leonard Peltier Case Urges Clemency; Hidden Figures; Black Women and Civil Rights; It's Time to #TeachResistance: A Toolkit for Educators; Announcements and more....


A Ph.D. in Organizing

Dawn Tefft and Jeff Schuhrke Labor Notes
Newly armed with the right to collective bargaining, teaching assistants, graduate assistants, and research assistants at private universities are organizing to join the ranks of the unionized.

Demographics Are Not Destiny

Barry Eidlin Jacobin
Democrats were wrong to think that shifting demographics alone would hand them victory. What then determines whether workers respond to economic grievances with nativism or solidarity? In a word, organization.

Trump Changed Everything. Now Everything Counts

Barbara Kingsolver The Guardian (UK)
Millions of Americans are starting to grasp that we can't politely stand by watching lives and liberties get slashed beyond repair. What are you going to do?

A Union Is Brewing at Virginia Lipton Factory

Chris Brooks Labor Notes
Lipton brings tea from around the world through the Port of Virginia. At its single 20-acre plant in nearby Suffolk, 200 workers roast, blend, package, and warehouse it, producing over 6 billion bags a year. For years on end, these workers have been “drafted”—the company’s term for forced overtime—into working 13 straight days out of every 14.

This Day in Labor History: September 16, 2004

Erik Loomis Lawyers, Guns and Money
On September 16, 2004, Mt. Olive Pickles finally came to an agreement with the Farm Labor Organizing Committee, ending a lengthy boycott of the company. This groundbreaking farm workers union launched one of the most successful organizing campaigns of the last 25 years in the South and demonstrate the continued vitality of farmworker unions in the present. FLOC was successful with these workers because they became a way for workers to express their own power.
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