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Teshuvah: A Jewish Case for Palestinian Refugee Return

Peter Beinart Jewish Currents
Why is dreaming of return laudable for Jews but pathological for Palestinians? Since World War II, the international bodies that oversee refugees have developed a clear ethical principle: People who want to return home should be allowed to do so.


Palestinianism: Charting the Life and Work of Edward Said

Adam Shatz London Review of Books
A biography of protean intellectual Edward Said situates the advocate for Palestinian statehood as a deep political thinker and skeptic of identity politics would both excoriate the crimes of Israel and the US and denounce Arab despotism.

The One-State Solution

Daphna Thier, Sumaya Awad Jacobin
Israel has effectively made the establishment of a separate Palestinian state impossible. It’s clear what’s needed now: a single, democratic state with full rights for all people.
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