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‘I Feel Trapped in Violence That Extends From Palestine to the UK’

Pádraig Ó Meiscill and Shahd Abusalama Red Pepper
I feel trapped in violence that extends from Palestine to here and I don’t know how to get free from it. I’m trying my best, but even when I call out what is obvious, when we call out the oppression, we are silenced and so I always feel alienated.

Is Denying the Nakba Antisemitism?

Peter Beinart The Beinart Notebook
If expelling people because they are different does indeed constitute “anti-semitism,” then the Nakba — in which roughly 750,000 Palestinians were either expelled from their homes by Israeli forces or fled constitutes a vast “antisemitic” atrocity.

US Charitable Donations Are Funding Displacement of Palestinians

Mohammed Khatib Truthout
When the first Land Day occurred, Palestinians understood the land grab by the Israeli government. The premise has always been taking away the lands of the surrounding Palestinian villages, so the communities would have nowhere left to build.
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