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This Week in People’s History, Oct. 31-Nov.6

A streetcar immobilized by striking workers Strikers win big (in 1913). Strikebreaking's deadly cost (1918). No way to win an election (1968). Reign of terror in Georgia (1868). Better late than never (1988). FBI at its worst (1968). Public health catastrophe (1918).

This Week in People’s History, Oct. 3-Oct. 9

A poster advertising the 1963 Freedom Vote in Mississippi Exercising the right to vote in Mississippi (in 1963). Air travel revolutionized (1958). Feds can't prove their case (1918). Markets plummet (1973). A new way of walkin' (1923). Deadly influenza (1918). None dare call it mutiny (1971)

This Week in People’s History, Sept. 19–25

Thomas Nast cartoon of racist Georgians celebrating in 1868 Terror reigns in Georgia (in 1868). The First Great Depression (1873). First-ever Vietnam War protest (1963). The Redcoats are coming! (1768). A worthless piece of paper (1823). Nuke fallout treaty (1963). Deadly troop train (1918)
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