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No More Wars and a Ban on Nuclear Weapons

Rafael de la Rubia Pressenza International Press Agency
Let us be coherent and let us express this sentiment loudly so that the brutes who represent us are made aware: we can no longer afford more armed conflicts. Wars are the dregs of humanity. The future will be without war or not at all.

NATO and the Road Not Taken

Rajan Menon Boston Review
Condemning Putin’s war must go hand in hand with imagining a more just security order.

U.S. Labor Leaders Statement on Ukraine Crisis

Founders, Leaders and Supporters of U.S. Labor Against the War Solidarity InfoService
The people of the U.S., the Ukraine and Russia don't want a war. The demand for peace will only be heard if masses of people speak out now! The labor movement can play a pivotal role in preventing another murderous costly conflict.

Europe for Peace. Stop the war in Ukraine

Gerardo Femina Pressenza International Press Agency
The escalation of the conflict in Ukraine between the United States and its allies, on the one hand, and the Russian Federation, on the other, must be stopped immediately. The consequences of a conflict in Ukraine would be disastrous.

Trump, Texas, and the MAGA Drive for Power

Max Elbaum ORganizing Upgrade
When we demonstrate on the ground that radicals are the most reliable and effective fighters against the mortal threat of Trumpism, we maximize our chances of gaining support for our perspective and our organizations.
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