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How Many Minutes to Midnight?

James Carroll Tom Dispatach
In the upcoming season of presidential politics, the nuclear question belongs at the top of every candidate’s agenda. It belongs at the center of every forum and at the heart of every voter’s decision.

Against Forgetting

Susan Southard Tom Dispatch
In the face of powerful Goliaths, the Davids are the next generation of passionate, creative thinkers who single-mindedly refuse to let us forget or rationalize Nagasaki and Hiroshima, who believe in a world of safety without nuclear weapons.

The New Congress Needs to Create a Green Planet at Peace

Medea Benjamin and Alice Slate World Beyond War
Just as we are witnessing a rising movement for a visionary Green New Deal, so, too, the time has come for a New Peace Deal that repudiates endless war and the threat of nuclear war...

The Stories War Tells Me

Rory Fanning
So many years later, fragmented memories from my time in Afghanistan still flood my head when I least expect them. Sometimes, I’ll push them out quickly; other times, particularly since my kids were born, they just won’t leave.

Scars of Hiroshima

Vijay Prashad Newsclick
August 6 and August 9 were the dates of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In an article written in June during a visit to Hirsohima, Vijay Prashad writes of the legacy of that tragedy and the continuing struggle for peace and disarmament.

Dr. Victor Sidel, Who Fostered Health and Peace, Dies at 86

Richard Sandomir New York Times
This great doctor taught us there can be no public health without world peace. Despite the specter of nuclear annihilation during the Cold War, Dr. Sidel was an optimist and innovator who preached that community outreach was a critical factor in treating vulnerable populations.
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