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Los Angeles Hotel Workers Go on Strike

Jill Cowan and Kurtis Lee The New York Times
The strike is part of a wave of recent labor actions in the nation’s second-largest metropolis, where high costs of living have made it difficult for many workers — from housekeepers to Hollywood writers — to stay afloat.

Think CEO Pay Is Outrageous?

Timothy Noah The New Republic
Get a Load of CEO Retirement Plans. They are called—I kid you not—“top hat” plans. And they drain everybody else’s 401(k)s.


Working Ourselves to Death: Why Increasing the Retirement Age Is Bad

Christopher R Martin Working-Class Perspectives
Raising the retirement age isn’t just about having the “best years of retirement be stolen,” as French protesters have warned. It’s about fairness and not putting years more of the nation’s labor burden on the working class. Next time the government moves to raise the retirement age, we should follow the French example to protest and proclaim, “It’s a No.”


How Workers Can Safeguard Pensions

Steve Early Labor Notes
The book under review, written from a labor organizer's informed perspective, is seen by the book reviewer—himself a longtime labor militant-- as an essential resource for workers navigating their retirement and pension options.
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