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This Week in People’s History, Jan 30-Feb 5

Cartoon depicting improper post-war cooperation between the U.S. military and Nazi soldiers Nazis in the Woodwork (in 1964), Nixon's Crime-Control (1969), Sorry, We Forgot the Casing (1969), Slavery By Another Name (1909), Segregated Schools in NYC? Sure. (1964), E.P. Thompson at 100 (1924), Ugly Americans (1899), Justice Delayed (1994)

Global Left Midweek – Climate Movement All Over

“We need to have a grown-up conversation about what kind of system do we need, that will stop this ridiculous, outrageous harming that we're doing to ourselves and the planet.” - Gail Bradbrook

This Week in People’s History, May 23 . . .

Mural by Diego Rivera showing workers in an automobile factory Historic auto workers contract. 1st Amendment protects mail. U.S. army crosses ocean for the first time. Ford Company thugs assault union organizers. The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan released. Major union victory in Rochester. Court throws out FBI frame-up
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