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The Fight for Justice Takes Its Toll on Ferguson Activists

Joe Penny New York Review of Books
At least five Ferguson activists have died unexplained deaths since 2014. Aside from these, activists have experienced myriad threats to their physical and mental well-being during that time.

US Commission on Civil Rights Report on Police Force

US Commission on Civil Rights US Commission on Civil Rights
The best available evidence reflects high rates of uses of force nationally, with increased likelihood of police use of force against people of color, people with disabilities, LGBT people, people with mental health concerns, people with low incomes,

Death of a Torturer

Ramsin Canon Jacobin
Darrell Canon, one of the over 100 men tortured by the former Chicago police commander Jon Burge, who died yesterday. He acted with complete impunity over almost two decades before reporters, activists, and human rights attorneys stopped him.

The 1968 Democratic Convention Protests - 50 Years Ago

Joel Bleifuss, Marilyn Katz, Todd Gitlin, Don Rose, Rick Perlstein In These Times
50 years after the infamous demonstrations, participants and historians reflect. What lessons does the battle of Chicago have for us today? We asked three veterans of 1968 and one historian of the period to revisit this 50-year-old debate.
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