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The Administration of Mayor Rahm Emanuel Keeps Monitoring Protesters

Mick Dumke ProPublica
Chicago police and City Hall tracked anti-Trump demonstrators — now state legislators want to let them use drones. Officials are expanding their abilities to watch people in the name of public safety, but the public has little ability to watch back.

Paul Ryan Fires Jesuit Chaplain and Catholics Aren't Happy

Heidi Schlumpf National Catholic Reporter
Some House members speculated the resignation was prompted by Conroy's invitation of a Muslim cleric to offer an opening prayer or because of a prayer by Conroy that was perceived as being critical of the GOP tax cut bill.

Friday Nite Videos | Dec 29, 2017

What “Casablanca” Teaches About Refugees and Compassion. Tracy Chapman - Give Me One Reason (Lyrics). How Trump Makes Extreme Things Look Normal. How the Animal Kingdom Sleeps. The Post | Movie.

Socialism Comes to Iowa

Nicolás Medina Mora and Rebecca Zweig The Nation
a political picnic in Iowa Cathy Glasson is the farthest left candidate in recent memory to mount a serious campaign for Iowa governor. She is betting on a coalition of service workers, many of them immigrants and people of color; members of manufacturing unions, many of them white and some of whom supported Trump; and young members of DSA.


Was Aaron Burr the Embryo Caesar?

Eric Foner London Review of Books
Little is known about the veracity of the so-called Burr Conspiracy, the alleged effort by Aaron Burr to split off the western territories to form a separate nation in the early 1800s. People, the book's author writes, clung to familiar stories; they ‘embraced different certainties’ regardless of new information and revelations. Burr was judged on what was viscerally believed in a politically divided United States, whose easy acceptance of felt truths resembles our own.
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