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How Will AMLO’s Presidency Be Remembered?

Nicolas Allen, Edwin Ackerman, Jacques Coste, Viridiana Rios The Nation
To understand the outgoing president’s popularity—and why not all leftists love him—Nicolas Allen spoke to three Mexican analysts from across the progressive political spectrum.

Senegal’s Elites Wanted To Trash Democracy. Voters Didn’t.

Gregory Valdespino Jacobin
Tomorrow, Senegal votes in an election that French-backed president Macky Sall repeatedly delayed. The fact that the election is going ahead is a victory for young and poor Senegalese, whose protests resisted elites’ democratic backsliding.

Schumer Spoke for Diaspora Jews

Harold Meyerson The American Prospect
Schumer was giving voice to what most Democratic officeholders believed but were afraid to say, and he clearly had the blessing of President Biden to go ahead and make that speech. It also showed the divide between Israeli Jews and diaspora Jews.

A New Alliance Could Change Puerto Rican Politics

Rafael Bernabe, Ed Morales Jacobin
The Citizens’ Victory Movement and the Puerto Rican Independence Party are forming a coalition called La Alianza. Their goal: a radical shift in Puerto Rican politics.

Turning the Tables in Minnesota

Harold Meyerson The American Prospect
An enduring union-community alliance in the Twin Cities may be a model for progressive victories. The Twin Cities saw a series of labor actions, premised on the belief-the more disparate groups of workers unite in common cause, the more they can win.
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