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How Cities Can Transform Democracy

Charlotte Cator LSE Review of Books
This study of "of the political meaning of the city under global urbanisation," writes reviewer Cator, is particularly timely "in light of ongoing global housing struggles and a widespread surge in the cost of living."

Learning From Chile: Navigating Complexities of Political Crises

Pauline Lipman, Rico Gutstein Convergence
For the US there is much to learn from the Chilean experience about relationships between left government, movements, and popular protagonism and the importance of political clarity, socialist strategy and organization.

The AMLO Project

Edwin F. Ackerman Sidecar/New Left Review
Whatever the shortcomings of AMLO’s answers, his attempt to break with neoliberalism cannot easily be dismissed.

Moving Past Neoliberalism Is a Policy Project

Matt Stoller, David Dayen The American Prospect
In order to test whether improving people’s lives can convince them to support Democrats, you have to, well, improve people’s lives. Deepak Bhargava, Shahrzad Shams, and Harry Hanbury, in a piece called “The Death of ‘Deliverism,’” argued otherwise.


Abolition As Method

Kay Gabriel Dissent
Ruth Wilson Gilmore’s Abolition Geography is written to be used.
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