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Friday Nite Videos | December 15, 2023

De-Stigmatizing Sex Work. AI Can Do Your Homework. How Harvard Operates Like a $51 Billion Hedge Fund. How Israeli Settler Violence Forces Palestinians To Flee Their Homes. The Forgotten Populists... Would Reject Trump!

The Forgotten Populists... Would Reject Trump!

The Forgotten Populists were forward-looking progressives opposed to corporate Robber Barons. Their impact on America is an inspiring story, one the media too often misrepresent.

We Ignore Robert F Kennedy Jr’s Candidacy at Our Peril

Naomi Klein The Guardian
If recent developments in the Kennedy campaign have demonstrated anything, it’s that denial is not a viable political strategy. His sycophantic treatment of Elon Musk is about as un-populist as a person can get...

Confronting the Roots of American-Style Fascism in One Family’s History

Julie Carr History News Network
It made a kind of perverse and dangerous sense that some settler-homesteaders like my great-grandfather would seek to relocate the source of their legitimacy from where they lived and what they did to who they thought they were, that is, from the land to the blood.


The American Myths of Bigger and Better

John Washington Yes!
This author's apparent attempt to save the MAGA ideology from the far right, says reviewer Washington, "is in the end a dangerous nationalist concoction, based on an ideology that takes losers as a must and broadens existing divisions."

Left-Wing Populism Can Win in Trump-Voting Areas, Too

Interview with Jonathan Smucker and Allison Troy by Jared Abbott Jacobin
Progressives write off Republican-leaning counties across America to their own detriment. With working-class candidates, populist messaging, and effective organization, we can make major inroads in “Trump country” that will pay dividends for years to come.

Politics: The Democrats’ Progress

Sarah Miller and Faiz Shakir Democracy Journal
Democrats appear to have shed the neoliberal policy framework and have begun to embrace populist policies. But Democrats’ approach to politics has yet to adjust to its evolving embrace of populist policies.
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