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'No One Should Retire Into Poverty'

Jake Johnson Common Dreams
At a historic hearing, progressives make the case for expanding—not cutting—Social Security benefits. The last time Congress enacted increases was 1972.

Trump Administration’s Harmful Changes to Medicaid

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
These restrictions have already cost many thousands of people their health coverage and access to care and could harm millions more.

The Untapped Power of Rural Voters

LaTosha Brown New York Times
Rural voters hold enormous potential for progressives. When Donald Trump came in 2016, many rural voters were desperate. He promised to bring back factory jobs. He promised to bring back coal-mining jobs. Sure, these were lies. But they were lies.


Elder Care Homes Rake in Profits as Workers Earn a Pittance

Jennifer Gollan Associated Press
Residential senior care homes profit handsomely by paying their workers poverty wages. The profit margins can be huge and, for violators of labor laws, hinge on the widespread exploitation of thousands of caretakers, many of them poor

2020 Trump Budget: A Disturbing Vision

Paul N. Van De Water, Joel Friedman and Sharon Parrott Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
President Trump’s 2020 budget, released March 11, 2019, would make poverty more widespread, widen inequality and racial disparities, and increase the ranks of the uninsured.
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