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Mocking Birds

Alison Luterman Rattle
California poet Alison Luterman wants to know why two antiques are running for the presidency while the talent of competent women is ignored, and it’s no joke.

Words and History: The Trouble With “Genocide Joe”

Fred Glass Stansbury Forum
Ascribing personal responsibility to Biden for the carnage in Gaza takes our eyes off the prize, which is the structure of imperialist oppression, on the one hand, and building the broadest possible movement to fight it, on the other.


Labor’s 2024 Political Dilemma

Rand Wilson and Peter Olney In These Times
In order to defeat AIPAC, defend The Squad, and withstand the onslaught of the MAGA movement, we need to do something many of us fundamentally don’t want to do: double down on trying to move Biden on Gaza, as well as trying to secure his re-election.

Three Requests for You, Bernie Sanders

Tom Gallagher Stansbury Forum
Do we really want to go into an election supporting two major foreign wars and asking American taxpayers to pay for them – indefinitely?

Dems and the Folly of Micromanaging the Trump Spectacle

Josh Marshall Talking Points Memo
What is going to stop ex-President Trump from returning to the White House is voters refusing to vote for him. Indictments and prosecutions can play a role in that inasmuch as they are the society communicating to itself what is okay and what is not. They can play a role in shaping public opinion but they are no replacement for an election.

Hold The Line: A Guide to Defending Democracy

Hardy Merriman, Ankur Asthana, Marium Navid, Kifah Shah Hold the Line
If you’re reading this, you are likely concerned about how this year's election is taking place.This guide is designed to help people from all walks of life take action to ensure that we have a successful election in November 2020.


Election Noir

Dorothy Barresi What We Did While We Made More Guns
California poet Dorothy Barresi nails a certain candidate on the campaign trail: "tight tense talk & leering merit of American man" and guess who she means.
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