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Will Guantánamo Close on Biden’s Watch?

Karen J. Greenberg tomdispatch
Guantanamo, a prison built for those detained in America's never-ending Global War on Terror, has been open for almost 21 years. Will America's forever prison finally close?

Los Angeles Is Creating a Model for Fighting Mass Incarceration

Mark Engler and Paul Engler Dissent
Abolitionists and advocates of criminal justice reform in Los Angeles County have amassed some impressive victories, laying out a vision for reducing incarceration and providing care that could have national significance.

Let’s Bring Back ‘Prison Warehousing’

Nick Hacheney and Tomas Keen The Appeal
Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, “prison warehousing”—which used to be a derogatory term—would look like an upgrade. At least warehouses care about the value of the goods they store.

The 13th Amendment’s Fatal Flaw Created Modern-Day Convict Slavery

Kwasi Konadu, Clifford C. Campbell The Conversation
Given the political realities and economic imperatives at play, free prison labor will persist in America for the foreseeable future, leaving in serious doubt the idea of American freedom – and abundant evidence of modern-day convict slavery.

Locked Up and Left to Die

Michael Barajas, Sophie Novack Texas Observer
In Texas, dying in jail is “par for the course.”
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