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Friday Nite Videos | October 6, 2023

Trump Takes Real Step Toward Becoming House Speaker. Speaker of the House | Randy Rainbow Song Parody. Who Killed Che? Prison Health Care | John Oliver. What if We Bring Back Life From Mars?

Prison Health Care | John Oliver

Damn writers! No sooner do they end their strike than they're back to writing jokes and raking up muck. And this shit needed exposing.

Friday Nite Videos | July 28, 2023

Teamsters Launch Massive Effort To Unionize Amazon. 'Hotel Magadonia' | Parody of Hotel California. Learning From Covid-19, Preparing for Future Pandemics. A Fact-Checked Debate About Euthanasia. Attack Dogs Used To Maul and Terrorize Prisoners.


Abolition As Method

Kay Gabriel Dissent
Ruth Wilson Gilmore’s Abolition Geography is written to be used.

What Juneteenth Looks Like for Prisoners

Antoine Davis and Darrell Jackson Waging Nonviolence
As Black men in prison, we live the tension between celebrating the abolition of slavery and struggling inside the system that replaced it.
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