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`The Squad' Is the Future of the Democratic Party

Barbara Ransby The New York Times
The squad understands that "diversity" is meaningless if the measure of success is "sameness." The congresswomen are choosing to do politics a different way because they recognize that Congress has never worked for their communities.

12 Ways the Progressive Takeover Is Transforming New York

Jesse McKinley and Vivian Wang New York Times
Democrats, leading both chambers of the New York legislature for the first time in nearly a decade, enacted an agenda that was undeniably liberal, often landmark, and for those in the majority, made up for lost time

When We Pursue the Struggle, We Pursue Happiness

Gayle McLaughlin California Progressive Alliance
Californians face some unique electoral challenges - massive initiative campaigns that allow corporations to buy themselves out of regulation and even out of legal jeopardy, direct corporate contributions, huge districts, and an enormous state...

Partisan Pollsters Fail Black Progressive Candidates

Pete Tucker Counterpunch
While primaries are difficult to predict, today’s polls are not just failing, they seem to be doing so in a way that makes progressive candidates of color appear to have less support than they do.
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