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We Know Protests Work. So Why Aren’t We Protesting?

Anthea Butler Huffington Post
Long-term protests for women’s suffrage and the civil rights movement, and against the Vietnam War captivated and defined entire generations and altered the political landscape

Protests in Iran Took Many by Surprise — But Not Iranian Labor Activists

Murtaza Hussain The Intercept
Tens of thousands of people in dozens of cities across Iran have braved bullets and tear gas in a public outpouring of dissent against the country’s ruling establishment. These protests appear to have originated in working-class conservative cities and towns that the Islamic Republic likes to depict as its core constituency. Iranian labor activists has long expected such an outbreak of discontent from the economically disadvantaged people in these areas.

Tidbits - January 4, 2018 - Reader Comments: Extreme Poverty Returns; GOP Tax Robbery; Bitcoin; Iran; Nuclear Tests; Recy Taylor; High School Protests; Immigrant Rights; Climate Change and the Left; and more....

Reader Comments: Extreme Poverty Returns; GOP Tax Robbery; Bitcoin; Iran; U.S. Nuclear Tests; Rape of Recy Taylor; Puerto Rico; High School Protests; Yemen; Global Refugees; Cold War history of immigrant rights; Story of Ferdinand; Correction: Subversive Involvement: Chicago and HUAC - Tribute to Dr. Quentin Young; Climate Change and the Left; and more....

No More Saturday Marches

Nelson Lichtenstein Jacobin
There are important questions facing all those seeking the best way to protest President Trump, the GOP-led Congress, and the immigration, health care, and environmental polices the new administration seeks to impose upon a reluctant populace: what is the meaning of a strike, demonstration, or protest march? The brilliance of strikes and stoppages like the Day Without Immigrants and the Women’s Strike lies in organizers’ willingness to halt business as usual.

Undercover Cops, Rahm Aides Kept Tabs on Protesters

Mick Dumke Chicago Sun-Times
The Sun-Times previously has reported that, over the past seven years, the police have spied on anti-Olympics protesters, the Service Employees International Union, critics of the visiting Chinese premier, the Occupy movement and NATO Summit demonstrators. Following nationwide protests over the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, the police here monitored black demonstrators and kept logs of events led by the Rev. Jesse Jackson and other groups.

Guatemala Needs Profound Change

Lauren Carasik Al Jazeera America
History has shown that Guatemala’s elite will fight viciously to protect their wealth and privilege, regardless of the incalculable human costs of doing so. But its people have demonstrated remarkable resilience, courage and tenacity in their pursuit of justice and democracy. At this critical juncture, the U.S. should not send more money, nor should it insist on blind allegiance to elections that would stabilize the status quo when Guatemala needs profound change.
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