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How to Make the TVA a Clean Energy Juggernaut

Matt Bruenig Jacobin
A Green New Deal is now on the agenda. Activists should embrace the public ownership option: mass decarbonization, using the Tennessee Valley Authority.

The Public Ownership Solution

Thomas M. Hanna Jacobin
The US has a surprisingly large amount of public ownership. But in order for it to truly serve the social good, it must be expanded — and democratized.

It’s Time to Nationalize the Internet

Julianne Tveten In These Times
To counter the FCC’s attack on net neutrality, we need to start treating the Internet like the public good it is.

Democratize This

Michal Rozworski Jacobin
Labour’s plans to pursue democratic models of ownership are the most radical aspect of Corbyn’s program.

Socialism, American-Style

Gar Alperovitz, Thomas M. Hanna New York Times
Public ownership is already widespread in the United States, and is popular in practice, if not in the abstract, with both liberals and conservatives. It includes hospitals, parks, public utilities, public Internet systems, hotels, and Public Wealth Funds generated by state owned oil and mineral wealth that subsidize public education and provide guaranteed incomes to millions of people. With skepticism about capitalism growing, will we see more such endeavors?
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