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Is Killing Blacks a Growth Industry?

Ishmael Reed CounterPunch
A growth industry is a sector of an economy that experiences a higher-than-average growth rate compared to other sectors. Growth industries are often new or pioneer industries that did not exist in the past. Lynching Black men is nothing new....

The Little Man’s Big Friends

Eric Foner London Review of Books
This book covers more than two centuries of American history, seeking to explain the evolution and enduring power of a racially inflected understanding of freedom.

Getting Across Baltimore

Gabrielle Gurley The American Prospect
Gov. Wes Moore’s credibility in the largest city in Maryland rides on building a light-rail line long blocked by racist fears.

The Immigrants Are the Same — America Is Different

Razvan Sibii Greenfield Recorder
The immigrants haven’t really changed since the Ellis Island days — but America has. In 1923, immigrants did not need a visa, or any other sort of prior permission, to enter the United States.

America’s Cold Civil War

David A. Love LA Progressive
The nation is now divided between people who want a multiracial democracy in which every American is allowed and encouraged to vote, and those who yearn for an anti-democratic system in which an extreme white minority has unchecked control over everyone else.

A Conversation With Susan Neiman About Left and Woke

Robert Kuttner The American Prospect
In their justified concern for inequalities of power, the woke often simply focus on power struggles rather than thinking about justice, which sometimes gets left by the wayside. If all you see in history is attempted progress that failed, you’ll find it hard to struggle towards progress in the future.
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