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Hurricane Milei

Mariano Schuster and Pablo Stefanoni, Nueva Sociedad NACLA Reports
How can we understand the political shift in Argentina that led to an extreme right-wing outsider coming to power? Here are seven key points for unpacking the unprecedented election.

Fighting Back Against the Rising Tide of Nativist and Racist Reaction

National Political Committee, DSA Democratic Socialists of America
Recent tragedies have shown all too clearly the state of crisis in which we find ourselves. The Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting illustrates how right-wing hostility to women's rights makes those providing and seeking reproductive services targets for murder. The shooting of Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis by white supremacists demonstrates that anyone doing work around racial justice must now expect and prepare for a violent racist response.

Can You Lead Me Beyond the Nightmare to the Shores of Clarity and Shoals of Reassurance?

Daphne Muse Portside
The mass assault on this social order is eviscerating the soul, spirit and vision of a country that by decree but not sustainable policies and leadership could have been an inclusive and viable Democracy. ...founded in treachery and structured on the bones of colonialism, there were so many components from which a real Democracy could have been forged and sustained. For the sake of our grandchildren we can't be held hostage by Tea Party terror.

The Original Terrorists

Amiri Baraka OBS - The Organization for Black Struggle
Amiri Baraka is one of the most respected and widely published African-American writers. We are happy to publish the poem he sent Portside, placing the recent shutdown events in the context of U.S. history, and the on-going struggle for equality and justice. We get clear enough to elect Obama the terrorists take off they Klan clothes put on some suits , they the t party, now. TEA The Evil Assholes
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