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The War on Protest

Adam Federman Type Investigations
Since 2017, 21 states have passed 41 laws enhancing penalties and fines for common protest-related crimes—part of a wave of nearly 300 anti-protest bills introduced nationwide.

Dark Arts

Interview by J.J. Gould The Signal
How are authoritarians using artificial intelligence for political repression? Steven Feldstein on the global spread of anti-democratic applications for innovative technologies.

The Red Scare Took Aim at Black Radicals Like Langston Hughes

Peter Dreier Jacobin
Poet Langston Hughes was invited to speak at Occidental College on this day in 1948, then uninvited when red-baiters released a report calling him a “subversive.” His story shows how the postwar Red Scare targeted radicals, particularly black leftists.

Paying Homage to Russian War Resisters

Lawence S. Wittner LA Progressive
Given the Russian government’s brutal repression of dissent, the level of Russian resistance to the Putin regime’s war on Ukraine is quite remarkable.
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