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Rational Actors

Jenny Brown Jacobin
baby crib In the United States, women face the prospect of becoming mothers without necessary social protections. Many decide it’s not worth the risk.

Global Left Midweek - August 22, 2018

Israel Protest, Call for New Anti-Fascist Campaign in UK, Samir Amin Remembered, Indian Student Leader Shot, Abortion Rights in Argentina, SYRIZA MP Reports

How Foreign Abortion Foes Tried to Hijack Ireland’s Historic Pro-Choice Vote

Lara Whyte, Claire Provost, and May Fitzgerald. openDemocracy
Ireland Pro-Choice Demonstration Foreign anti-abortion money, Facebook ads and canvassers poured into Ireland to defeat its historic pro-choice referendum. OpenDemocracy outlines six methods anti-abortion forces used against the repeal of Ireland’s constitutional ban on abortions.

The Future Is ‘Radical Reproductive Justice’

Regina Mahone Rewire
book cover "RJ is a model not just for women of color, nor just for achieving reproductive freedom. RJ is a model for organizing for human equality and well-being," writes author Dorothy Roberts in her foreword to the new anthology.

Women's Health Care Rights

Dr. Melissa Gilliam, Kiersten Gillette-Pierce, C. Grimaldi Rewire
Unequal access to transportation and housing disenfranchises many low-income communities. Teenagers who attempt to obtain medical care often experience these inequalities in a heightened way given that they often lack the time, money, and autonomy required to seek the care and information they need. Black people in the United States are among the most discriminated against when it comes to health care—which is further exacerbated when they are not a cisgender man.
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