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Friday Nite Videos | July 28, 2017

Detroit | Movie. What Is The Shape of Space? Russian Mob Money Helped Build Trump Business Empire. Bernie Sanders: GOP Is Now A Right-Wing Extremist Party. Why White Supremacists Love Tucker Carlson.

Your Boss Is Worth That Much? Really?

Lawrence S. Wittner History News Network
Why should 20 million Americans working at full-time jobs (sometimes two or three jobs) receive such pitiful incomes that they are forced to rely on food stamps while their CEOs grow ever wealthier?


When Labor Fought for Civil Rights

Rich Yeselson Dissent
In reviewing two new books on the 20th Century's intertwined histories of labor, the Democratic Party, the Civil Rights movement, and the African American people, Rich Yeselson offers a nuanced and deeply informed assessment of this complicated tale.

Trump, in a Major Immigration Speech, Is Back in Fearmongering Form

Julianne Hing; Deirdre Fulton The Nation; Common Dreams
In Mexico, Trump is solemn and praising; in Arizona, he's back to hysterical horror shows. His return to his old self was swift. Trump's Wednesday night speech was fiery, leaning on his usual depictions of immigrants as murderous, villainous, sexually deviant leeches. And then, he not only pledged every harsh anti-immigration tactic he'd floated for the past year, he expanded on them all - aimed at revving up his conservative base.

Rumble in the Alt-Right Thunderdome

Hannah Gais The Washington Spectator
The alt-right is a fringe bolstered by decades of Republican politicians—yes, even those that Clinton has extended a helping hand to—engaging in dog-whistle politics, cozying up to nativist movements, and guilt-tripping the poor and downtrodden.

Donald Trump’s Caesar Moment

Jeff Greenfield Politico
Detached from history and fueled by fear, his convention speech was utterly unlike anything we've heard in American politics.
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