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2024 Trump Is Even Scarier Than 2020 Trump

Susan B. Glasser The New Yorker
In a speech to CPAC that failed to make many front-page headlines but should have, Trump vowed that, once reinstalled in power, his mission would be “retribution” for all the wrongs that he and his grievance-fuelled followers have suffered.

A Call for One-Party Authoritarian Rule

Matt Ford The New Republic
Marjorie Taylor Greene’s idea for America to “separate by red states and blue states” isn’t just dumb and harmless. It’s also a window into a dangerous vision that’s ascendent in the Republican Party.

How Not To Get Hoodwinked About Social Security Going “Bankrupt”

Josh Marshall Talking Points Memo
All the talk of Social Security “going bankrupt” or becoming “insolvent” is just plain wrong. This is just scare talk designed to convince people that big cuts to the program are necessary and inevitable. It’s simply not true.

Friday Nite Videos | February 10, 2023

Maxwell Frost Tags House Republicans As ‘Biggest Threat.’ Why Miners pRisk Their Lives To Get Sulfur From an Active Volcano. Five Questions With John Bracey. Greene and Boebert Unravel at Twitter Hearing. Why Is It so Hard To Cure the Common Cold?

Believe It: A DeSantis Presidency Could Be Even Worse Than Trump

Brynn Tannehill The New Republic
Donald Trump was and is a lazy, ignorant narcissist. The Florida governor is a smart, motivated, very right-wing Catholic who wants to remake America as he imagines God wants it to be. Is this what the MAGA controlled GOP has come to?

The Votes That Weren’t Cast

Clarence Lusane TomDispatch
A democracy agenda that recognizes the racial elements of voter suppression and election denial is sorely needed.
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