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This Week in People’s History, Feb 6–12

Cartoon showing Uncle Sam, John Bull, and the Kaiser riding heavily on the shoulders of servants of colorof A Sad Day for Liberty (in 1899), Strikers Kill a Wage Cut (1894), If Men Were Angels (1788), Women Close in on the Right to Vote (1919), The Times They Are a-Changing' (1964), Strikers Shut Seattle Down (1919), Nixon in Crisis (1974)

This Week in People’s History, Nov. 14–20

Striking students protesting the right-wing Greek government Dictators on the Skids (in 1973), Dockworkers Say No to Japan (1938), Free Speech Is the Future (1928), Not Only a Crook, but a Liar Too (1973), Three Cheers for Yellow Fever (1803), Crime Doesn't Pay (1873), Measuring Time Pays Off (1888)

Chile: The Secrets the US Government Continues To Hide

Peter Kornbluh The Nation
Fifty years after the military coup that brought down Salvador Allende and installed the Pinochet dicatorship, there are still top secret documents on the US role that must be declassified.

Chile’s Coup at 50: Countdown Toward a Coup

Peter Kornbluh National Security Archive
The documented U.S. role in the months, days and hours before the overthrow of Chilean President Salvador Allende. Nixon and Kissinger commiserated over the fact that they wouldn’t receive laudatory credit in the media for Allende’s demise.


Why Crack Became the 1980s ‘Superdrug’

Jonathan Green The New York Times Book Review
This book "offers a fresh history of the epidemic that gripped minority communities, inflamed media coverage and led to draconian drug laws."

This Week in People’s History, July 11 – 17

The founders of the Niagara Movement in 1905 ' No accommodation to racism' in 1905. Smoking causes lung cancer in 1957. Nixon on tape, really? in 1973. FBI admits to burglaries in 1975. CIA admits to more bad behavior in 1977. Forgetting about the Civil War 1917. One last nuke test in 1962.

Friday Nite Videos | June 2, 2023

What a Vietnam War Riot Says About Today’s Culture Wars. Color of the ‘Āina | Pō & the 4fathers | Playing for Change. This Could Be the Biggest Strike in U.S. History. The Boys – Season 3 Official Trailer. Why the Dyslexic Brain Is Misunderstood.
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