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Obsessive Culture War Is a Dead End. Just Ask Ron DeSantis.

Ben Burgis Jacobin
Ron DeSantis went all in on the niche fixations of online right-wing culture warriors. In the process, his failed presidential campaign proved that the Right’s obsessive “anti-wokeness” is a political cul-de-sac.


Trump Plan To Gut Civil Service Triggers Pushback

Tim Reid and Nathan Layne Reuters
Donald Trump has pledged to revive an executive order known as Schedule F that would give him the power, if re-elected president, to strip employment protections from tens of thousands of government civil servants, a step toward autocracy.

The GOP Debate – Trump and the MAGA Party

Harold Meyerson DSA North Star
Even without Donald Trump on stage, in the first GOP debate, the treatment the crowd gave Trump’s critics made it vociferously clear - this is a MAGA Trump Party.
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