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Math, Music and Imagination

Marcus Miller Scientific American
Math can be experienced as play much as music is—just what’s needed to enlarge the tribe of creative problem solvers in mathematics and other human disciplines

Friday Nite Videos | April 13, 2018

Why Black Americans Are Getting Less Sleep. Love Train | Turnaround Arts | Playing For Change. The Last Footage of Yasser Murtaja. The Democrat Running for Paul Ryan’s Seat. The Decline of the Trump Merchandise Empire.

Friday Nite Videos | April 6, 2018

Why Eating Healthy Is So Expensive. Weak Black Women | Robin Thede. Hip Hop or Shakespeare? Documentary | RGB. Tom Lehrer's 'The Elements' Animated.

This Is Why Our Universe Didn't Collapse Into A Black Hole

Ethan Siegel Forbes Science
If you conceive of the Universe as the full suite of matter and energy we know, and the early stages had it all compressed into a tiny region of space, then why didn't it collapse into a black hole?
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