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Friday Nite Videos | February 16, 2024

Jordan Klepper in South Carolina. One Piece at a Time (Johnny Cash / Song Parody). The Greatest Misinformation Campaign in History. PSA: “This Is F***ed Up” | Fani Willis Is Not On Trial. Why Do Amazonian People Have Some Australasian DNA?

Should We Be Afraid of Atmospheric Rivers?

Qian Cao The Conversation
With flooding and mudslides in California, a hydrologist explains the good and bad of atmospheric rivers, and how they are being affected by global warming

AI Learning Through a Baby’s Eyes

Elizabeth Gibney Nature
A neural network that taught itself to recognize objects using the filmed experiences of a single infant could offer new insights into how humans learn.

Your Body Already Has Its Own Version of Ozempic

Christopher Damman The Conversation
Despite our great aspiration for quick fixes, it’s very possible that a healthy lifestyle remains the most important way to manage metabolic disease and overall health
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