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‘Perceptual Diversity’ Describes Who We Are

Oshan Jarow Vox
Every brain experiences reality differently. This census aims to help us understand how human diversity encompasses not only perception, but consciousness itself. See the link at the end of the article to participate in the census.


Hot Stuff: Spicy Foods and the Compelling Chemistry of Chemesthesis

Paul Adams Cook's Science
There are at least 200 compounds contributing to the flavor of chiles and they all have a different effect. Capsaicin is the most common, first to be discovered, and hottest of the capsaicinoid family, but every chile contains a somewhat different mix of capsaicin, dihydrocapsaicin, nordihydrocapsaicin, homodihydrocapsaicin, nornordihydrocapsaicin, and quite a few others.
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