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Defending Allende

Ariel Dorfman The New York Review
The question of where Chile’s true identity lies becomes ever more pressing as the fiftieth anniversary of Pinochet’s coup approaches.

Why Capitalism Is Leaving the US in Search of Profit

Richard D. Wolff CounterPunch
The economic consequences of capitalism’s profit-driven movement out of its old centers (Western Europe, North America, and Japan) brought capitalism there to its current crisis.

A Patriot’s Fourth of July

Victor Grossman Berlin Bulletin #213
The world needs millions to join in this fight, this fight back! In the United States, there have been models enough of genuine patriots. There is a need for U.S. patriots who are at the same time “world patriots.”


Celebrating the Leadership and Comradeship of Charlene Mitchell

William P. Jones Portside
“People who truly believe in justice and equality, and peace and socialism, should not actually really care whether their contributions are individually noted,” Angela Davis asserted at a tribute to her friend and mentor, Charlene Mitchell, in 2009.

The State and the Future of Socialism

Michael A. Lebowitz Socialist Project
Rather than expansion of the means of production or direction by the state, human beings must be at the centre of the new socialist society.
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