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No Scrubs

An interview with Kristen R. Ghodsee by Meagan Day Jacobin
State socialism was proof: when women have economic independence from men, they don’t stick around in bad relationships.

Cuba’s First Military Doctors

Don Fitz Monthly Review
Cuban engagement in Africa left profound impacts, both on the host countries and on the Cubans who went.



Bill Bowring Marx & Philosophy Review of Books
A new introduction to Karl Marx and his legacy.


Why Reds Were Better in Bed

Ann Schneider The Indypendent
A counterintuitive if rigorous argument that the sex lives of men and women under the Soviets were better than those in the capitalist West, based on the system's ability to deliver the sort of social benefits unavailable even in Scandinavia.

In and Against the State

Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin Socialist Project
Here, ‘reform versus revolution’ is not a useful way to frame the dilemmas that socialists must actually confront. Political hopes are inseparable from notions of what is possible.

Trump Is Running Scared of Socialism

Miles Kampf-Lassin Jacobin
Donald Trump’s economic advisers released a bizarre report attacking socialism yesterday. Socialists can only take one lesson from it: we’re winning.


Marx at the Chicken Shack

Mike Davis Verso Blog
A paean to Marx's contemporary relevance, the author argues in an excerpt from his new book that what makes Marx a stranger even to Marxist movements is not simply the difficulty of certain key works and passages, but a series of other obstacles.
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