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Spain Just Formed Its First Left Coalition Government in More Than 80 Years

Sebastiaan Faber and Bécquer Seguín The Nation
Spain's new coalition government, led by the Socialist Party and Unidas Podemos It vows to strengthen job security and unions, raise the minimum wage and taxes on the wealthy, pass a climate-change law, and introduce free, universal public child car

Despite Election Setback, Podemos Forges Depth and Staying Power

Simone Pieranni Il Manifesto
After a disappointing result for Unidos Podemos, which campaigned ferociously, the party has showed it will not be going away. In spite of the election results, the Spanish public is alert and focused. People do not attend rallies to meet friends or be entertained. Everyone is paying attention.

Spain votes ‘no’ on failed economic policies

Mark Weisbrot Al Jazeera America
A new party of the Left in Spain has surprised pundits by winning big in last Sunday's elections by running on an an-austerity program. Mark Weisbrot offers some background and an analysis of how these developments fit within the overall "post-recession" Eurozone crisis.
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