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Global Left Midweek - October 10, 2018

Brazil Election: Landless Workers, Chomsky Meets Lula, French Left Leader, El Salvador Left vs Right, Transforming the UK, South Asia Women's Movements, Weekly Protest in Austria


Dheepan Review - Tamil Tiger Lose in the Urban Jungle Makes Powerful thriller

Andrew Pulver The Guardian
It begins with a short sequence in Sri Lanka: the civil war is over, the Liberation Tigers are burning their dead comrades’ bodies and swapping fatigues for civilian clothes to try and melt into the general population. In a refugee camp, a young woman is looking for unaccompanied children to be part of a hastily thrown together fake family, to help one such fighter get clear of the battle zone and into Europe.

UN Discovery of Secret Detention Centre Revives Nightmares

Amantha Perera IPS
The site is nothing new to those who were held there. In June this year the South Africa-based International Truth and Justice Project, Sri Lanka (ITJPSL) launched a 134-page report on on-going human rights violations and past cases in Sri Lanka. Many of those held were either members or were connected to the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Tidbits - January 29, 2015 - Boehner, Bibi, Israel, Iran; SYRIZA & Podemos Inspire Us; Civil Rights Lessons-Selma & King; and more...

Reader Comments - Boehner, Netanyahu, Israel and Iran; Labor in the 21st Century; Public School Poverty; Billie Holiday; Pete Seeger; The New Europe - SYRIZA and Podemos; 'American Sniper'; Social Security; Agent Orange; Ukraine; Martin Luther - Militant Radical for Our Times; more... Resource: Energy Democracy in Greece; Announcements (New York)- Sri Lanka Killing Fields documentary; Anniversary of Malcolm X Assassination
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