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Revolutionary Grounds

Jana Silverman The Forge
The main thing that I would say to comrades is: don't just do the propaganda. Don't just be in the campus group. Go and meet workers in your local high street and unionize them. That is the best thing a socialist could do: help to organize the working class where we find them today and fight the issues that they're facing today.


Starbucks Workers Have the Company on Its Back Foot

David Sirota Jacobin
With unionization taking off at Starbucks, the company is quietly admitting that it’s in a bind: unionization threatens its low-wage model, but union busting hurts its public image as a supposedly progressive company.


No to Corporate Law Breakers

Jake Johnson Common Dreams
"No government," said Senator Bernie Sanders, "should be handing out corporate welfare to union busters."


Seize the Time: Biden’s Labor Board and a New Workers’ Up-Rising

Peter Olney and Rand Wilson Stansbury Forum
It’s not often there is a strategic opening created by the confluence of a favorable NLRB, a supportive presidency, a tight job market, and a roiling economy. This is not a time to cling to paradigms wedded to past conditions. Now we can "Think Big."

Friday Nite Videos | April 29, 2022

Why Can’t These Republicans Remember What They Did on January 6th? An Evening with Brendan O'Hara. Starbucks' Illegal Union-Busting Campaign. Gorsuch Challenges U.S. Colonialism in SCOTUS Ruling on Puerto Rico. Sick, and Home All Alone.

The Revolt of the College-Educated Working Class

Noam Scheiber New York Times
Support for labor unions among college graduates has increased from 55 percent in the late 1990s to around 70 percent in the last few years, and is even higher among younger college graduates. That may help explain an upsurge for organized labor.


Starbucks' Illegal Union-Busting Campaign

Starbucks is engaged in an unprecedented illegal union-busting scheme. Illegal firings. Wage abuse. Harassment. It’s time for Congress to investigate.

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