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114 Starbucks Stores Saw Workers Go on Strike Yesterday

Saurav Sarkar Jacobin
Starbucks has undertaken an unceasing union-busting campaign since the first cafe unionized a year ago. But if the 114 cafes that saw baristas go on strike yesterday for its annual Red Cup Day are any indication, the company won’t be victorious any time soon.

Can Democrats Stop a Return to Nationalist White Nativism?

Paul Garver Chartist
The strategy of Bernie Sanders and members of the Congressional Squad is clear: grow the democratic socialist/progressive bloc in Congress and Democratic Party; stand up for the multiracial working class; and resist creeping fascism on every front.


Democracy Is on the Ballot

Joseph A. McCartin Working-Class Perspectives
Whether fighting to unionize or exercising the right to accept or reject negotiated contracts, workers are nurturing democracy where we most need it. If we are to save our political democracy, we must begin by establishing a beachhead for democracy in the workplace.
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