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Victory! – Starbucks Stops Opposing Its Baristas’ Union

Harold Meyerson The American Prospect
In a historic breakthrough, Starbucks and its workers announce they’ve come together. In a joint announcement Starbucks and Workers United agreed “to begin discussions on a foundational framework designed to achieve…collective bargaining agreements.”


Amid Union-Busting, Starbucks Workers Just Keep Organizing

Since 2021, 483 Starbucks stores in 46 states that have filed to unionize; of those, 385 stores in 43 states have won union elections, a nearly 80% win rate. The company continues to fight with illegal and stall tactics but workers keep organizing.


Unionized Starbucks Workers Are Considering Calling for a Boycott

Faith Bennett Jacobin
Starbucks Workers United has not yet asked supporters to stop frequenting Starbucks locations. But unionized workers have been ramping up customer solidarity organizing, potentially laying the groundwork for a Starbucks boycott.


Will Starbucks’ Union-Busting Stifle a Union Rebirth in the US?

Steven Greenhouse Guardian
Since workers at a Buffalo Starbucks started the first successful campaign to form a union at a company-run store, experts say the chain’s aggressive union-busting is shining a harsh light on the shortcomings of the National Labor Relations Act.
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