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To Accomplish What?

Jack Radey Portside
After reading of actions at UC Berkeley to prevent a speaker from addressing a meeting, and disrupting a dean’s backyard party, as a veteran of the Free Speech Movement, the first thing that comes to my mind is "What was the goal of the protest?"

Six Challenges for the Tough Year Ahead

Max Elbaum Convergence Magazine
The people-power, energy, and savvy exist to regain the initiative against MAGA and win a ceasefire in Gaza. To do so, we will need to call on positive vision, political clarity, narrative power—and courage.

Learning From Chile: Navigating Complexities of Political Crises

Pauline Lipman, Rico Gutstein Convergence
For the US there is much to learn from the Chilean experience about relationships between left government, movements, and popular protagonism and the importance of political clarity, socialist strategy and organization.


Which Workers Are “Strategic” To Organize?

Eric Dirnbach Jacobin
Two key questions confront labor: should unions focus on organizing workers with major strategic leverage in the economy? Or should they welcome any workers willing to fight, since that organizing can constitute a major catalyst for other workers?

DSA Debates Show Growing Pains

Christine Riddiough Convergence
DSA’s six-year growth spurt has fundamentally changed the organization. To resolve the deep issues it faces, it needs to meet the organizational challenges this change poses.
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