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What Should Socialists Do?

Joseph M. Schwartz and Bhaskar Sunkara Jacobin
Democratic socialism needs to become a mass presence in US society. Fighting for "Non-Reformist Reforms"; Building a Majority. Until then, The Power of a Minority.

Reader Responses to Eight-Point Platform for Making a Major Breakthrough on 'Left Unity'

Previously Portside posted the 'Draft Proposal' - Think Paper by Bill Fletcher, Carl Davidson and Pat Fry. This has generated some discussion in progressive, left and socialist circles in our country. Here are some of the comments made by Portside readers. At the bottom are links to the related posts that have appeared on Portside in the past.

Draft of an Eight-Point Platform for Making a Major Breakthrough on 'Left Unity'

Carl Davidson, Bill Fletcher, Jr. and Pat Fry CCDS-Discussion - Organizing for a Progressive Majority
Portside is sharing the following eight point proposal that was sent to us by the authors, because it is part of Portside's tradition to promote discussion and action by the left. We hope there will be a broad discussion on this proposal, a discussion that involves the wide variety and experiences of left activists and socialists today.

Friday Nite Videos -- October 17, 2014

What You Need to Know About Ebola. Flashmob Sings for Justice for Mike Brown! Key & Peele - Gay Wedding Advice. Keb' Mo' -- Old Me Better. Socialism Is ...

Socialism Is...

In August 2014, the Rosa Luxemburg Center brought together 100 leaders of the left from across the United States, Canada, and Europe for an "un-conference" on Mapping Socialist Strategies.

Socialists Made Strong Showing on Election Day

Ned Resnikoff MSNBC
Tuesday's election showed gains for progressives and labor-backed candidates, and also for socialists. In Seattle, Kshama Sawant received 46.1% of the total vote for City Council. However, the count of the most recently counted votes gives her 49.69%. Even if her opponent holds on, he has announced that he will not run again - against her or anyone else.

Off-Year Elections Show Reaction Can Be Beat

Peter Dreier; Joan Walsh
Elections show the tide can turn against the unholy alliance of big business, the Tea Party, and the religious right. Growing protests - the "Moral Monday" movement in North Carolina, militant immigrant rights activism, battles to protect women's health clinics from state budget cuts, strikes by low-wage workers, civil disobedience actions to challenge voter suppression, & campaigns against global energy corporations. Virginia - win in a race lost by 17 points in 2009.
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