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How the Media Failed the College Student Encampments

Sarah Baum he Progressive Magazine
The focus on Columbia University has overshadowed the extent of protests—and police brutality—at public schools. Those charged with occupying a Columbia building are facing misdemeanors, while those charged with occupying CCNY buildings face felonies


From the Community | Freedom of Speech Is a Labor Issue

Jason Beckman, Sophie Jean Walton and Chloé Brault The Stanford Daily
The right to protest and just cause for discipline are fundamental principles that unions seek to protect. Recent arrests and suspensions of graduate workers at institutions across the United States highlight the importance of this right.

OP-ED: Looking Back To Understand This Moment at CUNY

Andrea Vásquez Amsterdam News
The massive presence of police and violence that ensued at City College of New York on April 30 was not seen at CUNY colleges in 1969; it was not seen during building takeovers during the 1980s and 1990s, and it should not be seen today.
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