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Super Bowl Ads To Promote Israel

Dave Zirin Real News Network
New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft buys $7 million pro-Israel Super Bowl ad during Gaza genocide. The billionaire, personal friend and financier of Trump, has a long record of business deals and political support for Israel.

Super Bowl Is As American As .... ?

By number of viewers, the Super Bowl is a cross section of America. From the faces in the ads, not always. The first video below challenges us to rethink who we are as a nation. It ran as a Super Bowl ad -- in a few select markets. The second video never ran as a Super Bowl ad, but it does fix some things that a Super Bowl ad that ran nationwide (third video) got wrong. See if you can spot the difference. And then help to spread this discussion by emailing, tweeting and sharing these videos, using the links below. -- video moderator  

"Aspiring Americans" is an ad that played during the 2013 Super Bowl on broadcast and cable television in a few select markets. 

We saw Dodge's "God Made A Farmer" ad and we thought it didn't reflect the whole picture. So we gave it a bit of a fix.

'Farmer' Super Bowl ad sponsored by Dodge.

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