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Feminist Resistance Against War in Sweden

Paulina de los Reyes , Diana Mulinari , Emma Rosengren Transform! Europe
Through decades we have learnt that sustainable peace can never be built through military strategies and militarized worldviews.


Let's Find Alternatives to Striking

Rasmus Hästbacka and Kristian Falk Organizing Work
Authors from the Swedish syndicalist union SAC caution against the “romanticization” of strikes and argue workers must re-learn how to build pressure within the workplace.

How the Spanish Flu Helped Create Sweden's Modern Welfare State

Brian Melican The Guardian
The Swedish city of Östersund in 1918. When the Spanish flu hit the Swedish city of Östersund in 1918, the rampant social inequality ensured its devastating impact. But the legacy of the “capital of the Spanish flu” is a city and country better equipped to deal with current challenges.
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