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Indonesia: Global tTade Unions and NGOs back PepsiCo-linked Palm Oil Workers

Nithin Coca Equal Times
The Indonesian union OPPUK (Organisasi Penguatan dan Pengembangan Usaha-Usaha Kerakyatan) representing palm oil workers indirectly employed by PepsiCo and the Teamsters in the United States representing about 200,000 PepsiCo workers in North America reaffirmed their solidarity in a shared fight for global labor and human rights.


Teamsters United Nearly Topples Hoffa

Alexandra Bradbury Labor Notes
The majority of the ballots were already in by October 31, the day the union's federally mandated Independent Investigations Officer recommended charges against Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall, who until recently seemed to be 75-year-old Hoffa's heir apparent. Hall was charged with obstructing a corruption investigation by destroying thousands of documents and emails.

Retirees Win Round One

Alexandra Bradbury Labor Notes
The movement won a first-step victory on May 6, when Special Master Kenneth Feinberg recommended that the Treasury Department deny the Central States Pension Fund’s bid to slash 207,000 Teamsters' benefits by up to 70 percent.“I must congratulate the retirees for reaching out to us and making sure that their voices were heard,” Feinberg told reporters. “I can tell you that listening to the retirees and what they had to say, of course that influenced.”

Teamsters Activists Move To Prevent Slashing of Hundreds of Thousands of Retirees’ Pensions

Bruce Vail Working In These Times
“Teamster pensions are in trouble because of greed, incompetence and corruption,” Rita Lewis told In These Times. Excessive pay to plan administrators and outlandish fees to financial advisors have drained the fund, she says, echoing Warren’s emphasis on Wall Street malfeasance, and a first step should be to clean house at the offices of Central States Pension Fund, the organization that collects and distributes pension monies for some 400,000 union members and retirees.


Seattle First U.S. City to give Uber, Other Contract Drivers Power to Unionize

Daniel Beekman The Seattle Times
The Seattle City Council voted 8-0 Monday afternoon to enact an ordinance giving taxi, for-hire and Uber drivers the ability to unionize. The backdrop for the council’s vote is a nationwide conversation about what role governments should play in the country’s growing app-powered gig economy.


Carhaulers Vote Down Awful Deal

Alexandra Bradbury Labor Notes
"The IBT Carhaul Division has instructed all carhaul locals to hold meetings to ask members why they rejected the concessionary first offer. These guys are so out of touch, they need to be told the obvious: Teamsters are tired of concessions and want to protect their jobs and make reasonable gains in this boom year of auto sales." Teamsters for a Democratic Union


Silicon Valley, Meet Organized Labor

Kevin Roose New York Magazine
After a long absence organized labor is attempting to unionize workers in Silicon Valley. The teamsters have aimed their campaign Facebook drivers. Previous campaigns in 1992 and 2008 ended in failure.


Hoffa Threatens Teamster Democracy

Ken Paff Labor Notes
Facing a wave of anger over concessions—and with the 2016 election fast approaching—Teamster brass are taking aim at members' right to vote.


Teamsters Ask Judge to End 25 Years of Federal Oversight

Kris Maher The Wall Street Journal
Federal prosecutors Indicate they would scale back government control over the union. But a rank-and-file group called the Teamsters for a Democratic Union, a frequent critic of current union President James P. Hoffa, is fighting the effort.
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