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Ahead of Halloween, Sysco Teamsters Give Corporate Ghouls the Heebie-Jeebies

Luis Feliz Leon Labor Notes
black and white drawing of picketers Teamsters won their strike at America's largest wholesale food distributor with an old-fashioned militant tactic: the mass picket line. “It was old school—unions shutting the thing down,” said a UPS driver. “It’s a magical feeling, the solidarity and the power that comes with it; the connection that’s made by standing together shoulder to shoulder, holding the line."


Peak Season for Action at Amazon

Rand Wilson and Peter Olney Labor Notes
Around the world Amazon workers are rising up. Look for some new action on "Black Friday" (Nov. 25) coordinated by a half-dozen unions and worker organizations.

How Zoomers Organized the First Chipotle Union

Jonah Furman Labor Notes
Of all the employers that have seen union drives over the past year, Chipotle—with 100,000 employees across 3,000 stores, and long-term plans to double its footprint in North America—is the most similar to Starbucks.
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