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Friday Nite Videos -- Songs of Immigration -- July 12, 2013

Who defines the Dream, as the Dreamers movement implicitly asserts, matters a great deal. In fact, it defines the nation. Here are 10 songs of immigration and identity: Crash at Los Gatos (Deportee). Ice El Hielo. Jamaica Farewell. Across the Borderline. Follow the Drinking Gourd. No Irish Need Apply. Rumania, Rumania. America (West Side Story). Where Is the Love? Ballad for Americans.

Tommy Makem -- No Irish Need Apply

No Irish Need Apply is performed by Pete Seeger, Earl Robinson, Odetta, Ronnie Gilbert, Alan Lomax, Tommy Makem and Chet Washington on the album Songs of the Working People -- From the American Revolution to the Civil War (1987). For more Songs of Immigration, Deportation and Identity, go here.
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