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Taking a Hammer to It

Jeremy Hsu New Scientist Magazine
An eye-opening read traces today’s collective rage against big tech back to the Luddite uprising the industrial revolution.

Turning the Tables in Minnesota

Harold Meyerson The American Prospect
An enduring union-community alliance in the Twin Cities may be a model for progressive victories. The Twin Cities saw a series of labor actions, premised on the belief-the more disparate groups of workers unite in common cause, the more they can win.


How Can Workers Organize Against Capital Today?

Benjamin Y. Fong Catalyst
John Womack’s labor strategy is about workers finding the capacity to "wound capital to make it yield anything.” But the massive challenge in today’s deindustrialized economy is locating where that leverage actually lies.

Ambition, Yall – Everyone Please Get on UAW’s Level

Hamilton Nolan How Things Work
Modest goals won’t get us where we need to go. We need to think big. The labor movement needs, before anything, genuine ambition for a new America...We need labor leaders who see their jobs as climbing mountains no matter how high they are.

Tidbits – Nov. 9, 2023 – Reader Comments: Ceasefire, Humanitarian Pause, Stop Bombing, Free Hostages; Stop Ethnic Cleansing; Israeli Apartheid; Labor Victories This Year; New Film – ISRAELISM Documentary; Building Progressive Political Power;

Reader Comments: Ceasefire, Humanitarian Pause, Stop the Bombing, Free the Hostages; Stop Ethnic Cleansing; Israel an Apartheid State; Labor Victories This Year; New Film - ISRAELISM documentary; Strategies to Build Progressive Political Power; more

UAW Strikers Have Scored a Historic, Transformative Victory

Nelson Lichtenstein Jacobin
With its successful strike, UAW broke with decades of concessions, won on pay and workplace democracy, and launched a new national labor leader. There’s much more organizing to be done, but this is an unmitigated victory for the entire working class.
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