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Post-Election Reflections on Sinophobia in U.S. Politics

Tobita Chow Organizing Upgrade
Trump speech notes The bulk of our progressive forces are focused on policy at the local or national level, paying much less attention to global dimensions. But the need for an internationalist agenda will tend to become more and more apparent as they grow in power.

Opal Tometi on Building a Transnational Movement for Black Lives

Laura Flanders Truthout
What might a global Black Lives Matter movement look like? We may soon find out. Flanders had a chance to sit down with Opal Tometi, who cofounded Black Lives Matter with Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors. Never simply a reaction to police violence against African Americans in the U.S., Black Lives Matter was always conceived of as a strategic response to white supremacy. It's not just an organizing network, but also a strategic concept broad enough to go beyond borders.
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